Plant Vitamins Bundle

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The Original Plant Vitamins Formula. Think of Thrive like your plants multivitamin, keeping it strong and healthy and helping it deal with the stresses of indoor living! With 60 + minerals, vitamins and active growth hormones, this fertilizer is made from 100% organic seaweed.

Thrive will be an easy to use and hard to forget solution to keeping your plants healthy.

Size: 60 ml (can make up to 120L of fertilizer)

NPK: 0.6, 0, 6 


Boost is the ultimate addition to your plant care routine! Use it whenever your plant is putting out lots of new growth as well as to encourage blooming of flowering plants and root growth after repotting.

Boost is made from 100% organic hydrolyzed fish (with no fishy smell once it is diluted) and helps to Sustain and develop healthy new leaves and roots

Size: 30 ml (makes up to 30L of fertilizer) 

NPK: 2, 4, 0.5

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