Fiddle Leaf Fig

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The iconic Fiddle Leaf Fig is a houseplant classic. Best suited for more experienced plant parents or a new plant adventure. They are great statement plants, and with proper care will last for decades!

💧 Watering Requirements: Water when top few inches are dry depending on size. A moisture meter is recommended to insure soil stays properly moist and not soggy. 

🌞 Sunlight Requirements: Place in bright Filtered light, not too close to a window to avoid leaf burn. 

🪴 Care Requirements: Fiddle leaf figs crave routine! Fertilize monthly, Wipe leaves weekly, prune dead leaves, and rotate frequently to keep growth even. It is also recommended to regularly spray with neem oil solution to keep away pests and keep leaves glossy (clean leaves insure plant can take in as much sun as possible!)

Size: 6 Inch
Pot Options: Terracotta

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